Arcadia’s project based approach…

Arcadia’s project-based approach to services allows focused attention to all clients’ needs. Some clients need assistance from the feasibility analysis forward, others want to outsource asset management services at operations. Arcadia is ready to assist on projects at any stage of development or operations.

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Planning Services

  • Feasibility Analyses & Due Diligence
  • Business Planning & Budgeting
  • Team Selection
  • Capital Sourcing
  • Deal Structuring

Transactional Services

  • Acquisition
  • Financing & Capitalization
  • Transactional Support
  • Investor Consulting
  • Buyer's Representation

Support Services

  • Asset Management
  • Recapitalization
  • Disposition
  • Seller's Representation

Arcadia’s Planning Services

Every transaction is unique Arcadia offers a full suite of planning services, from Feasibility Studies to Capital Sourcing. Our project-based approach to services allows focused attention to each client’s needs for a specific project, venture or investment.
Feasibility Analyses & Due Diligence

Arcadia offers due diligence services and financial analyses that can assist clients with determining whether or not to move forward with a project or investment decision. Often this is a crucial stage for clients who need to determine whether or not to expend considerable resources in pursuing a new project, venture or investment.

Business Planning & Budgeting

Arcadia’s financial analysis team prepares and reviews financial budgets and pro forma analyses of projects and investment funds. In conjunction with financial review, Arcadia can assist with development of business plans that draw out every stage of an assets life-cycle and give investors, lenders and public agencies a long-term view of the asset’s potential.

Team Selection

Arcadia interviews and selects teams for implementation of clients’ plans. On development projects, this can include construction managers and permitting counsel. On stabilized asset syndication, this can include operation and maintenance teams or asset managers.

Capital Sourcing

Arcadia works with banks, alternative lenders and joint-venture partners to find the right mix of capital for projects of all sizes. We can identify and structure capital contributions based on the buyer’s goals and long-term strategy. Our capital sourcing services are tailored to each client, but frequently include Financial Analysis, Investment or Joint Venture Fund Structuring, and Debt Structuring.

Deal Structuring

There are a variety of scenarios that can arise in an asset’s life-cycle and having knowledgeable advisors assist in structuring an asset can have a profound effect on the viability of an asset from the perspective of a lender or investor. Arcadia has experience with partner buy-outs, cost segregation analyses, sale-leasebacks, tax-free exchanges and private equity syndications. Arcadia works with deals involving a variety of individual or combined transactions that drive the owners’ profit.

Arcadia’s Transactional Services

Arcadia can assist clients at every stage of a transaction, from performing due diligence on a real estate asset to closing on the debt and equity funds necessary to implement the clients’ plans. We work with banks, private equity investors, public incentive providers and real estate brokers to obtain the necessary capital and carry out the transaction with or on behalf of our clients.

Arcadia acts as an agent of acquirers and works directly with legal counsel, investors, lenders and public agencies in effectuating real estate purchases and other asset acquisitions. This is often a desired representation for busy deal teams that lack the time to give focused attention to individual acquisitions within a portfolio.

Financing & Capitalization

Arcadia handles every stage of financing and capitalization. Arcadia works with institutional and mezzanine lenders from debt solicitation to commitment letters to closing of loan documents. Arcadia works with private equity investors, public institutions providing tax credits and subsidies and tax credit acquirers at every stage from soliciting capital and subsidies to effectuating every transaction required to complete the capital stack for a project.

Transactional Support

Arcadia participates as part of the deal team throughout transactions, playing an integral role as an advisor or driving force. Often transactions can get delayed or bogged down without a dealmaker driving the transaction. Arcadia fills this role by keeping consistent contact with all members of the deal team and keeping everyone focused on efficiently and effectively closing transactions.

Investor Consulting

Investors regularly receive face regular Arcadia offers consulting services for investors that need due diligence review of investment opportunities, portfolio analyses, private placement analyses and elections pursuant to investment operating agreements. Arcadia consults with investors on their obligations and the effect of investing in, or making special elections within, a private investment opportunity.

Buyer's Representation

Arcadia works with affiliated and unaffiliated real estate brokers to provide real estate acquirers with broker representation that can efficiently and competently carry out real estate acquisitions on behalf of clients.

Arcadia’s Support Services

Arcadia’s support services span the life of an asset, providing value enhancement to operations and disposition. Whether a client needs assistance and advice, or a client wants to turn operations over to Arcadia as an asset manager, Arcadia stands ready to support clients in operations and disposition.
Asset Management

Asset management costs can be a significant drain on revenue for owners who are winding down in-house operations. Arcadia provides asset management services for project owners that want to keep the stability of a consistent revenue stream without the need to carry a team of staff. Arcadia’s asset management services include project management and property management services.


Often a stabilized asset can get better terms from debt and equity providers and it becomes advantageous to recapitalize with new lenders and investors. Arcadia brings the same financing support to refinancing of assets that it brings to soliciting the initial capital stack.


At the end of an asset’s life, or when the markets are favorable, owners can realize significant profits from positioning an asset for disposition. Arcadia can assist with market analysis and asset positioning and then drive the timing of an asset disposition to improve profitability.

Seller's Representation

Arcadia works with affiliated and unaffiliated real estate brokers to provide real estate sellers with broker representation that can efficiently and competently carry out real estate sales on behalf of clients. This includes analyses of market conditions and planning for asset sales at the optimal the time and price.